Fisheries, Livestock & Agri-Tech

At Hufan FLAT we take food security very seriously. We are very active in the following areas:

  • Fisheries & Marine resources

  • Livestock & Animal Husbandry

  • Agriculture, Farming & Agri-Tech (food production, preservation & packaging)

Management Training, Education & Consultancy

At Hufan M-TEC we recognise that the number one resource for any organisation is its people. Our activities are largely cantered around:

  • Education & Vocational training (skills development)

  • Consultancy and Management at organisational level as well as project level

    • This includes planning, strategizing, governance and institution building, finance & investment, land and property acquisitions as well as brokerage

  • Capacity building



Minerals, Oil & Gas

At Hufan MOG we are focused in legal and ethical engagement with untapped natural resources of Somalia.

Architecture, Construction & Energy

At Hufan ACE we are adapting to Somalia’s booming construction and Energy sectors which is being driven by increased urbanisation and returning diaspora. We are carving out a niche in ecologically sustainable technologies & services in:

  • Architecture & Construction

  • Renewable Energy Technologies:

    • Solar Photo voltaic (PV)

    • Solar Thermal

    • Wind

    • Hydrogen Fuel Cells


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